Be More Bond.

With Tom Ford being announced as the outfitter to James Bond for the third consecutive time we thought we’d drop you some tips on how to be more Bond, without breaking the bank.

‘Bond epitomizes the Tom Ford man in his elegance, style and love of luxury. It is an honour to move forward with this iconic character,” says Mr Ford. Well Tom,  dropping $3,000 dollars on set of cuff links is all well and good, but some of us live in the real world.

Keep it simple.


You won’t see James in any flamboyant outfits, he keeps it simple and elegant. Crisp white shirts with understated suits is the way to go.  We recommend Mr Suit Supply for great suit won’t cost an arm and a leg. Website:

Mix and Match well.


Accessorise but don’t overstate yourself. Mr Bond exudes elegance without going OTT. Here he matches an simple white shirt with a gun strap and Omega wristwatch. Maybe leave the gun strap at home and go for braces though chaps. Our top seller ‘Hayden’ should do the trick on the shirt front:

One iconic piece makes the difference.


One piece can bring an entire outfit together. If there’s one item that every man needs it’s a wrist watch. Omega are brilliantly made, timeless and it’s 007’s ticker of choice. If you’re going to splash out, do it well. Omega’s website: