A Folding Hand…..

With the latest launch of our British Made pocket squares, we at Milton Green thought what better way to help you out then show you the many, many ways to fold a pocket square. Don’t be overcome by the endless way’s in which to fold, we’re on hand to help.

The choice of Pocket Square not only reflects the style but the personality of the wearer. The simplest and most common choice is the Flat fold. This humble fold is exactly what it says on the tin, a square fold with only a ¼ visible. Whilst simplistic, the finer details add a certain elgance to a suit and tie ensemble.


Flat fold 1

The puff or casual fold is for a less formal look but still one that will add a dash of character to any outfit. This fold is best suited for pattern pocket squares such as our own paisley prints that pepper a suit with a touch of colour. Ideal for the summer months ahead.

Casual Fold




For even more of a presence there is the signature crown fold, also known as “three tips ups”. This signature fold works well in a more casual environment so team with a casual blazer for a truly dapper look.

Crown Fold


crown-pocket-square-fold (1)

Remember gents, the right choice is up to you always keep in mind, an accessory should add to an outfit but not become the focal point. That should always be you.

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