A Wedding Tie Guide From Milton Green

Weddings – they’re all about the bride aren’t they? Afraid not. As a guest or the groom, you should dress to impress.

If you want to look sharp in your wedding photos, you will need to step up to the mark and choose a seriously sophisticated suit, and that means choosing some accessories to enhance your look.

We take our ties seriously, sourcing exclusive material from Peterborough in the UK and hand making them right here as well. We’ve picked our 3 wedding favourites to help you choose the right style for that special day…



Patterned with a delicate red and blue paisley motif, this tie will add that splash of summer to your wedding attire. Team with Arthur on Ronnie to really bring your outfit to life.





Expertly made in Peterbourgh from 100% silk, this slim-cut piece radiates excellence and adds real character to any understated grey or navy suit. The perfect tie for wedding season.




Perfect for those that like to keep it simple. This is 100% silk tie is slim, stylish and matches perfectly with a navy suit. Match with a cutaway collar and you’re on to a winner.

Bring LCM to an office near you. Part II



Following on from the first part of our LCM review, we thought we’d keep the ball rolling with possibly our favourite show from the three day extravaganza, with the iconic British brand Dunhill who have truly become the masters of Simple suiting.

Their SS16 collections not only showed us they have a very strong blueprint for what suiting is, but have also refined it with a sense of gentlemanly sleek expertise. Sticking to the ever classic black, white and navy double breasted blazers, they expressed an elegant classiness upon white and pale blue shirting. Their ensembles also showed their versatility, suiting was matched with tees, button down crisp shirts and unbuttoned lose fit shirts.

Highlighting the importance of keeping things simple we’ve gone with the effortlessly classic pale blue Ronnie shirt and the subtle dogtooth check Edward for that refined simplistic look team under a navy blue suit and finish off with one of our vibrant English made pocket squares to add a splash of colour form the summer months ahead.





Milton Green’s New Years Resolutions

Uh-Oh. It’s that time of year again. That time of year where you make 100 different promises to yourself and by January the 4th you’ve already skipped yoga, forgot you’d turned vegan and you’re sitting in the local, pint in hand watching Jeff read out the final scores – we’ve all been there.

Good job the team at Milton Green are on hand to help. We’ve come up with some New Years resolutions that don’t involve yoga, quinoa or Jeff Stelling so if we can do it, so can you.

1. Learn some new Knots. There’s more than one way to do your tie chaps. Depending on your shirt style you should be equipped to tie a number of different styles to match your ensemble. Let’s take a cutaway collar for example. A ‘windsor’ knot will fill the wider collar far better than a standard tie knot. It also emphasises your tie far more effectively. Little things make a big difference, gents!


2. Iron out some creases and save some pennies. The average male dry cleaning bill is over £300 per year. Now, we know as well as the next bloke that you’ve got to do your suits but cleaning and ironing your shirts can save a fortune. So get your whites on with fabric softener, whitening agent and a tab (we love fairy’s ‘liqui-tabs’) and they’ll come up good as new. Do your ironing in front of the TV just once a week and bobs your uncle, you’ve saved enough for that Milton Green you’ve been eyeing up.


3. Shave well. Now we know the electric Razor that Aunt Jude got you for Christmas looks great, but gents, beards are for hipsters with fanny packs. Invest in a decent shaving kit and some good moisturiser to match. Aim to shave well once a week – there’s nothing wrong with a bit of stubble either! We recommend Triumph & Disaster, made from natural ingredients found in New Zealand.


4. If you buy cheap, you buy twice. We’re pretty fed up of high street stores (we won’t name and shame) knocking out poorly made, overpriced pieces that just don’t last. This doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive product on the market, but buy home grown quality brands that you know will last a lifetime. So if you’re buying brogues, go to Loake, if you’re looking to stay dry, shop London Undercover and if you want a good suit, go to Saville Row. Oh and if you want a shirt that’s going to last, you’ve come to the right place.


5. Add a Milton Green to your formalwear collection. We had to save the most important till last guys! Our collections are limited in numbers, we don’t wholesale and we don’t compromise price with quality. If you want a shirt that can be worn in and out of the office, will last a lifetime and won’t cost your yearly dry cleaning bill, give us a try, we won’t disappoint.