Milton Green – A Gentlemans Guide

The finer details. Just because your missus is stressing about them the most, doesn’t mean they don’t count so don’t let us down just before you get to the finishing line.

First impressions count, so get it right from the bottom up. First stop, shoes! Shoes should be leather. A decent leather to be precise so don’t make the mistake of going down the cheap and often tricky route when it comes to replacing them.  We recommend a Bass weejun loafer or a Grenson brogue if you’re really splashing out!

Next up, socks. Socks shouldn’t always be the same shade as your shoes or trousers, although match with your trousers if you want your legs to look longer.  You don’t always have to go for colour match-ups, burgundy socks with a navy blue suit can really set an outfit apart; check out Happy Socks if you are feeling really fruity! A belt is also a key accessory that most us fail to see. So whatever look you’re going for –  it’s all about the choice of leather. Choosing your belt to suit your trousers may be an obvious one, but you should also make sure your belt buckle matches your accessories.

Now, the tie is one area that we really do get our chance to shine, and the key here is length.  Not too short or long that is, it should fall to your waistband, end of.  As for what the tie sits on, it completely depends on the environment. A blue or white cotton shirt is ideal for work, and stripes or checked patterns will always do you well. Just remember  – always leave about 1cm of the shirt sleeve from the buttoning of your jacket. It’s not just pretty, but practical too. We happen to do some sterling thin silk ties, feel free to check them out!

Finally there’s grooming, cosmetics for males are more than necessary these days. Always invest in a decent moisturiser and remember facial hair never hurt anyone (unless it’s your eyebrows, ears, or nasal passages!)

P.S –  Aftershave should be for only the people in your personal body space to enjoy. There is no need to use half the bottle every time you step out the door.


The most durbale thing is style, and style is the most valuable investment one can make with his time


Raymond Chandler







NON IRON – These shirts combine the finest two fold cotton yarns with the latest crease free technology maintaining a soft and luxurious feel to the garment.


 TWO FOLD COTTON – Top quality shirts have always been produced with two-fold cotton yarns. Two fold cotton is created by twisting two yarns of cotton together for extra strength and this technique also allows the cotton to maintain excellent colour definition and a luxury feel.


COLLAR SHAPE – All non-iron shirts have a semi spread collar shape that is a more traditional alternative to the harsh cut away collar.


CUFFS – The use of a mitred cuff is available on all non-iron shirts and this creates a very sharp appearance. All single cuff feature an extra button-hole allowing the shirt to be worn with or without cuff links.


TAPED SEAMS- To maintain the non-iron benefits of these shirts all are produced with taped seams allowing the shirt to hold its shape after washing.


POCKET – This is available on all single cuff non-iron shirts providing the ideal pen/note pad holder for the working day.


FIT – The shirt has 2 darts at the back providing a contemporary appearance however the fit is classic without being over generous.

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The Art of Caring for Your Shirt

Having a good quality shirt doesn’t necessarily mean it will stand the test of time. You’re going to need to know how to care for it, unless you’re loaded and have a maid to do your washing, or you still take your clothes home to your old dear (we all do it).

Every man has to be handy with the old washing machine. But don’t worry, by following these easy steps every man will be able to wash his shirts with confidence. This will also help guarantee your shirt looks exactly the same as the day you bought it, fresh, sharp and crisp, ready for anything the office throws at you.

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